The benefits of Scalable Efficiency

The future of work will need a smart combination of maximum efficiency and maximum creativity to succeed in an intensely more competitive and uncertain environment.

For this reason we strongly need to establish a new clear model of scalable efficiency (optimizing our resources today) which will enable us to free up valuable new resources to empower and enable scalable learning (facing the challenges of tomorrow).

Some of the key tips I recommend for installing such a scalable efficiency model are:
  • Apply the 20 – 80 (Pareto's Rule).- 20% of your effort will lead you to the 80% of the outcome. Be aware of that. Invest wisely.
  • Apply Parkinson’s rule.- Remember the task tends to expand itself to fill up all the time you give it. So, set up the shortest deadlines and shortest meeting times possible.
  • Combine both rules (this is what I have previously defined as the maximum efficiency law).
  • Optimize flow. Let’s be minimalist. Be strict on setting up a clear division of tasks to avoid any kind of grey zone or overlapping. 
  • Give the task to those in a position to do it faster / cheaper/ better: Automate or externalize.

Applying these scalable efficiency tips will free you up to concentrate on, among other things, Scalable Learning. Because Scalable Learning doesn’t just save time, it multiplies time. But this is a future article ……… in the meantime ….don’t forget my tips.

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