Six ways to Happiness (How can you contribute to making the workplace a happier place to be)

Six ways to Happiness
How can you contribute to making the workplace a happier place to be

The main person responsible to create a happy working environment is you. Being happy is a question of attitude. Being happy is a question of personal decision. No excuses. It is true that in the short term, things happen to make us feel good or bad, but in the long term it is the way we react to both adversity and success which is the key to feeling happy.

What are the 6 easy tips to create a happy workplace?

  1. Thanks and praise.- Recognize the efforts and achievements of your colleagues. Thanks and praise make personal growth and achievement visible and tangible. Put the emphasis on the positive. It’s widely demonstrated that improvement comes with recognizing the positive especially when someone has made a tremendous effort. Give feedback. We need to know when things go wrong but more importantly we need to know when they go well. Recognition of success leads to greater success. 
  2. Smile.- Take your smile and turn it into a weapon of mass construction. Remember that you’ve got the power to change the mood of others by just smiling. And it’s absolutely free. Social relationships are chain reactions. As long as you start with a smile you are increasing the possibility that smiles spread through the office. Emotions are contagious.
  3. Say what you mean, mean what you say.- Show values like integrity; honesty; sincerity and loyalty. Be transparent. Be the example you want others to follow. People copy attitudes and behaviors whether consciously or subconsciously. No matter who you are, you are a role model.
  4. Embrace change. - Your life will not get better by chance, it gets better by change. You might not be the person who chooses change but you are the person who chooses the attitude towards change. We have a tendency to treat change as risk but remember that if we take a look back at our lives, almost all those changes brought us to a better place than before.
  5. Strive to improve. - There is growth or decay. There is no standing still. We grow or we fall backwards. We should always try to do our best but doing our best means learning from where we did not always do our best. Growth is waiting for you outside of your comfort zone. You need to expand your current one by accepting challenges and recognizing where we can do better. Remember: there is no growth without challenge.
  6. Adopt a Growth mindset. – Don’t be afraid of failure. Growing comes more from a good failure than from a bad success. You should take error as a powerful source of learning; otherwise an error becomes a source of terror…and paralysis. It's okay to stumble twice as long as you learn in the process and don’t continue with the same error. Look for positives. Learn from mistakes.

Remember: you have the power. Use that power wisely

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