From Blamestorming to Funstorming

Legend has it that in the late 1990’s a group of New York Doctors adapted a popular but relatively modern word to describe the unleashing of creative energy and focus. The word soon took off, with organisation after organisation adopting this expression to describe a sad but discernible trend in modern office politics: Blamestorming.
I am sure you've been in many  meetings where the focus seems to be who to blame while looking for excuses to explain why we did not achieve certain goals. And I am also sure that you will agree that this is an attitude as wrong as the company which permits it. What a desperate loss of energy and creativity…
 Therefore, we can say that Blamestorming is the degeneration of Brainstorming, a valuable technique for ideas & solutions generation.
But I really do believe that there is another way to rechannel this energy into much positive directions, utilising creativity and focus in a proper manner to achieve great outcomes.  I have coined this "Funstorming": The heart of which is assembling a team of talent and passion within an environment where fun rules the day. Hire the talent give them a great surface, a good ball and a reason to play.
I am not talking about doing silly or easy things with just a smile on your face. This is about developing the ability and possibility to "have fun storming the castle".

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