Usual suspects of productivity loss

I was amazed by the interview with professor Gloria Mark, where she details the findings of a exhaustive research into the modern workplace:

- 2 minutes and 11 seconds is the time people spend working on one device before switching to another.

- 3 minutes is the average amount of time that people spend on any single task before being interrupted or before switching to another task.
- 23 minutes and 15 seconds is the average time before people resume the task they were working on before being interrupted.

Maybe this facts lead to a picture like this:

¿What are the usual suspects to explain this?. In my opinion they are:

1. Misplaced faith in Multitasking. It is not supported by cognitive science.
2. Tsunami of technologies we normally use in paralell  (mismanagement of devices & apps & systems). We treat them as toys not tools. We live ultraconnected with the wrong networks. I evend found myself connected to Twitter while I was disconnecting from family. Now I’ve quit.

3. Short termism and sense of urgency replaced long term vision and sense of purpose. Rewards are shaped towards the immediate, not the future. In a VUCA environment There is a huge difference between moving around and moving forward
4. Infoxication.- Not only because the sources of information have been multiplying but also because we have not developed the ability to manage them properly in order not to maintain necessary focus.
5. Myth of time management.- We cannot manage time. We can only manage ourselves. Time just goes by and you cannot do anything with it. We can however liberate ourselves to be more productive.

Productivity is about less is more. Embrace minimalism to select the mínimum number of necessary sources of information, apps and technologies and manage all of them without losing your focus. Reduce the clutter of your life to concentrate on the most important things

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