Chapter 1: Saving private Ryan


Life is far from being a Disney movie. I get it!! Life is more like Saving Private Ryan than Frozen. Life is pretty much like disembarking in Normandy during the 2nd World War. Most of the time you’re feeling completely alone, naked, and absolutely scared, while the sky is raining down bombs everywhere you look. Life continues to bombard you, dropping plenty of bombs all around you. Some of them hit you directly, some just partially hit you. Or maybe you hear the screech of bombs and explosions from afar. In any case, it is just bombs. bombs and more bombs, every single day. And this is not a movie scene you can control; turn down or switch off. This is life.

Of course, depending on the decisions you make, you can influence a little the number of times you are hit and the damage incurred, but sorry, this is life. And life is a real rain of bombs and you will get hit and hit badly sooner rather than later.  Accept it and Move On.

The most important thing is not really what is happening but what you do in response to what is happening. The only thing you can really control is your emotional reactions, your approach, your decision to move towards a certain direction or even just to stand still. Bombs will fall down anywhere at any time and anyway. Do not even try to explain why. In life, shit happens. So simple. So real.

Don’t flinch, cower or look longingly towards where others seem to be safe. The bombs will get us all in the long run. Be assertive in your decision making, be brave and be bold. Live every moment and stay true to yourself knowing the only real futility is to believe you can control the uncontrollable. Shit happens – get on with it.

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