WoW People: The Magnificent Seven


I have been fortunate enough in life to meet a fair number of "special" people. People who leave you "wanting more." People who make your day better. So what do these people have which marks them out from the rest?

Yes, they are all #1 good people and yes they are  all #2 role models for important values ​​(integrity, honesty, responsibility ...). This is obvious. If they are not good people you admire and respect, then they are not special. But still, they have something more…

Everyone will have their own take on this. Mine, after reflecting deeply on it for a while, is the following:

#3 Generosity: WoW people are generous. They give without expecting to receive, just for the simple pleasure of giving. And I'm not just talking about details that matter at important times. I'm talking about being generous with their personal time, generous with what they have. Generous because they listen (a rare ability indeed). Because generosity is when they make you feel that "the important person at this particular moment is you, not them". Generosity is when you are the first to raise your hand when something goes wrong and the first to applaud the success of others, when things go right. In an executive world where individual performance reigns supreme and harvests most rewards, generosity rises above the melee of self-aggrandizement.


#4 Serenity,  Deftness and Perspective. WoW people normally fight fires with a fire extinguisher instead of a fuel tank. They are people who favour peace and solutions to war and conflict. They are people who look for alternatives instead of someone to blame. They are people who propose rather oppose. People who place the right importance on everything at all times. People who never lose the sense of what is important and what is not important, even if it seems so. People who move rapidly when necessary and cautiously when required, instead of just running around incessantly in order to appear busy all the time. People who ask you why you are running rather than why you don't run. People who enjoy life; slowly savouring it instead of eagerly and obscenely gobbling it up.


#5. Minimalist, Pragmatic and Widely Focussed in order to make important syntheses . “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing more to take away” (Antoine de Saint-Exupéry). "A synthesis is worth ten analyzes." (Eugeni d’Ors). Because, It is not necessary to do well what, in reality, it is not necessary to do in the first place. WoW people are able to identify the essentials and stand their ground, without succumbing to the latest fads that ultimately lead to yet more unnecessary work. Brave and ready to spot and reject those energy draining zombie projects others are so drawn to. Ready and brave enough to politely inform the emperor that he is indeed naked. Ready and brave enough to say "no thanks" to what everyone knows is going nowhere but to afraid to say it.


#6 Meaningful Storytellers with Emotional impact. WoW people have an assertiveness, empathy and the art of building something inspiring in everything they do. People who make you see both beyond and within. They create meaning by connecting the possible with the essential. The stories they tell reverberate deeply. Emotional Troubadours. Creators of positive and lasting emotional impact. WoW people understand that we are all us stories and that we all move through interlocking stories in grand metanarratives. The best and worst of humanity has been at the mercy of a story. Think wisely yes, but WoW people understand that the correct viscera is the heart and not the brain.


But above all, WoW people #7 have fun and make you have fun. They even having fun storming the castle. WoW people enjoy seeing the bright side of life. Spreading positive energy, they are passionate and their passion is as contagious as their laughter. And while they laugh heartily, they also smile serenely. Wow!!

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