From CV to portfolio

I don’t care who you are unless I am interested in what you can do”, says the philosopher. And that is the problem with the classic CV.

We make a huge mistake in drawing up our CV about ourselves, explaining who we are, what studies we have made…without realizing that we don’t really matter for others unless we catch their attention. And you catch their attention if you are able to show that you can cover the others’ needs.

Unless you demonstrate value for others, what you did is no longer of importance. It’s just pleasing for your ego, but not for others. Remember that your ego does not fill the needs of others by itself.

For that reason, I propose we move away from the former CV approach, which is only a compilation of what you did in the past; just a pile of knowledge rocks talking monotonously about your yesterdays. There is a strong possibility your past is just not so useful any more.

It’s time to move forward. I like the quote that says “in times of rapid change, experience could be your worst enemy” (J. Paul Getty). A traditional CV is only a look to the past, not a guide to show what you are able to do in the future. Get rid of your old CV structure and focus on building your own portfolio of products to be become your real Personal Value Proposition. Show me your value, not your cost. Show me your future, not your past.

I love the philosophy: already done; already paid; already forgotten. So don’t come to me talking about how great you’ve been doing. I want to know what you can do for me today and tomorrow.

Companies already know your cost. Your challenge is showing them the value you will generate to compensate that cost.

So, the next time you present yourself in front of a new person; in front of a new company; in front of a new challenge, wherever, whenever…remember to do it thinking of the other, not about yourself. It’s not about you. You are the best sales rep when you present yourself as someone who can cover my needs.

Next time we meet, show me the portfolio of your products. Show me the value of your brand.

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