Thriving or surviving organizations

Are people Thriving or Surviving in their workplace?. Have you ever asked this question of yourself?

But what are the core traits embedded in each reality?. Let’s try to summarize them all and give some examples.

Surviving companies are those with surviving employees. They do not have a clear purpose or just a limited one (surviving until the end of the month, end of the year or as much as we can…). The company is doing just enough to pay off the loans. And the employee is running as fast as they can inside the hamster wheel where, in the end, nobody is going anywhere.

Surviving company cultures avoid what they perceive as negative feedback up to and including manipulating key performance data. These types of organizations see human error as the source of all terror. Where predators are everywhere.  Where we look to inefficient people, experts in self-defense, for our salvation and where the Ego is the official dress code.

On the contrary, we can appreciate the sheer human joy of playing in a Thriving organization, whose key feature is an overwhelming and common passion. Employees in these organizations wake up with an enthusiasm and burning desire to face their daily work challenges, as they feel they have the maximum freedom and license to express themselves.

Thriving companies give their employees the permission to fail and learn from that failure. Progress is not linear. That’s why the smile is the shape of a thriving environment.

Imagination has no limits and every “No” is substituted by a “why not?”. In this kind of environment, employees think “I want” and not “I should”. They thrive with a healthy competition based on absolute sincerity and warmed bloodied confidence in one another, not reptilian self-destructive self-interest. They want the best for each other, so they show the best of themselves.  

Thriving companies have clear defining quest. They bring inspiring challenges and have a great story to tell.

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